Children's Parties


Jingle Bug parties for 1-5 year olds
include songs, actions, toys, instruments, bubbles, pom poms, parachutes and lots of fun! It can follow a theme such as cowboys, farm animals, fairies etc.  They have music at their centre as they are mostly guitar-led.

Glow Bug parties for 5+ year olds are disco parties with a difference - they are glow in the dark parties featuring UV lighting, glowsticks, UV facepaint and nail polish.  The many fantastic fun activities include limbo, games with prizes, karaoke and singing games. This party can also follow a theme i.e Harry Potter, Star Wars etc.  As well as individual parties, Wellbeing Music has provided disco parties for schools and community events. Our parties work just as well for adults too!

Music is present at all types of celebrations and Bug parties are part of what we do best at Wellbeing Music- an unabashed opportunity to have the most fun with music!
Our parties are for all children - for babies and preschoolers (Jingle Bug parties) and primary school children (Glow Bug parties).



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"I booked a glow in the dark disco party for my 6 year old- he wanted a Star Wars theme too. The party was perfect for him and his friends because as well as getting a chance to show off their moves, dancing to their favourite songs, they got some cool UV Star Wars facepaint done and went on an adventure to rescue Han Solo - everybody was happy!"

Liz, mum to Henry (6)
"My 2 year old loves Jingle Bugs music classes and by the end of her party so did all her little friends! There was a brilliant mix of songs, activities, puppets and fun characters as well as parachute games, bubbles and the usual fantastic choice of instruments. Total success, thank you!"

Charlotte, mum to Ella (2)