primary school - ks1/ks2

We deliver sessions that incorporate:

Singing games - using voice and movement in collaborative groups.

Percussion - with body percussion, drums, boomwhackers, triangles and other percussive instruments

Melody - with voice, glockenspiels, kazoos and whistles

Composition - improvisational group music making and topical lyric writing

Group singing - sharing the enjoyment of

singing together as a way to relax, have fun and cooperate.

Wellbeing Music offers a range of music sessions for primary school children. Music is such a brilliant activity for children of this age range - it's a sure fire hit, full of fun and opportunities for movement and self-expression, while at the same time reinforcing learning and developing important physical, intellectual and social skills. 
Learning with music is proven to be more effective for retention and recollection than learning without. We can provide workshops that support a school topic, be it pirates, the planets or plants!  Having fun with Wellbeing Music won't feel like learning but the results will speak for themselves.