Senior Adults

It's well documented that music can play a key role in improving wellbeing among older people.  Those that suffer from dementia and memory loss are able to recall the words to songs from their past in a way that is still not fully understood by researchers in the field. Listening to and participating in music can fire up regions throughout the brain and improves mood, energy levels, social engagement and is a great confidence booster.

Our music sessions with older people are hugely beneficial in a number of ways:


Participants have the opportunity to reminisce through song, stimulating brain activity by recalling lyrics, which encourages and invigorates a person suffering the debilitating effects of memory loss.

The session provider interacts with participants, engaging in brief conversation which encourages everyone's input into the session. There are scarves, percussive instruments and bubbles to encourage movement and joining in.

The use of guitar and vocals alone for some of the session (backing tracks are also used for variety) has a greater impact on physical, vocal and emotional participation.  The songs are carefully chosen for their familiarity, ability to trigger memories and their participation potential.


The service provider can emulate the era and original singer of the songs, adding to the authenticity and enjoyment of the experience for the residents.

"Nina has been visiting my mum's
nursing home for a couple of years and every time she comes, she makes such a difference to my mum's mood.  I sometimes visit and she'll be feeling a bit low but seeing and hearing Nina puts her in a great mood. She sings along when she can and she smiles throughout.  Nina is warm and caring and has a lovely voice.  We have a go at playing the shakers which is a lovely way for me to communicate with Mum.  The positive effect on everyone lingers after the performance."
Mel, Ingrid's daughter


Bringing older adults and young children and their carers together in a music session is a joyous experience for everyone involved.  The session can help reduce social isolation and loneliness and can provide positive mental stimulation while improving communication and social/emotional skills. Songs are carefully selected for their familiarity to each age group and props and percussive instruments are shared and used for improved motor function and coordination.

Wellbeing Music provides regular music sessions in care homes and centres for senior adults. Please get in touch for more information.

Hospital Wellbeing and Dementia Choirs 

Wellbeing Music is currently delivering a weekly session at East Surrey Hospital (in the Camomile Garden in the summer and on the wards the rest of the year), aimed at providing patients with the chance to escape their health difficulties through singing together. This is a very moving and rewarding session with patients reporting very tangible improvements in their mood.


We are also running dementia choirs at Reigate Grange, a local residential home and the Woodhatch Community Centre. The choirs are a great success, with everyone who attends singing their hearts out, bonding together and enjoying the gentle exercise of singing and movement, even some for whom verbal communication has become a challenge.