Special Needs

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Hans Christian Anderson said "When words fail, music speaks." For people with language communication issues, being able to communicate through musical sound what words can't achieve can be a freeing, empowering and  enriching experience.
Music touches all the senses which makes it such a vital contributor to the wellbeing of people with additional needs. Music is processed throughout the brain, meaning that regions that may not always work in conjunction are made to do so.

Wellbeing Music have a close relationship with a regional service provider for young people living with disabilities, both physical and mental.

Our regular music workshops and rock choir help these individuals in a number of ways - the activities and songs really help create a bond within the groups through shared singing and actions and encouraging each other's achievements - friendships have flourished within our music sessions.
The sessions are great for developing various skills - these include melody learning on glockenspiels, playing other instruments together, dancing, acting, playing drama games and singing.  Even the less able members of the group enjoy the music and feel elated at the end of our time together.  People with special needs can have different sensory strengths and music can be interpreted and enjoyed in different ways.  There's always something to do, be it catch a scarf, strum a ukelele or mime a story, we always have an interesting time and most importantly, a lot of fun!

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