Community Choirs


If you'd like more information about Unison Choir, if you'd like to join or would like to book our services please get in touch on the Contact page here, or on our Facebook page:

Unison Choir is a fun, friendly and fabulous choir, singing the best that pop music can offer! 
The choir is based in Redhill and its members are a wonderful group of women, leading busy lives, many with young children and hectic jobs, but who never fail to get together every other Thursday, for the feelgood factor that being in a choir can bring through relieving stress and boosting mental and physical health.
Unison Choir have shone at several community fundraisers, helping local charities and having a positive impact whenever they perform.
"Having attended Unison Choir since the beginning, I can honestly say it is a welcoming, fun and enjoyable choir...
lots of laughs from a friendly crowd...relaxed but
challenging; Nina is great at getting the best out of all
the songs...highly recommend to anyone looking for a
friendly and fun choir to's also nice it's every
other week so fits in with a busy family life."


"I absolutely LOVE coming to choir. If the day hasn’t been
the best, I always know that I will leave after the
2 hours of singing feeling on a high. So good for the soul! "


The workplace choir

Every thought of having a choir at work? A lunchtime choir can be fun and
fulfilling, it can give your colleagues confidence, a creative boost, a chance to bond with each other and improve morale.  It's the easiest thing to set up and will have you singing and working in harmony!  Get in touch with Wellbeing Music for more information.